We are pleased to offer bird feeders that attract many species and offer a variety of foods . Please visit us in store to see our variety. If there is something specific you are interested in contact us. We can send you photos or discuss over phone or email!

Our Main Types Of Feeders

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Peanut feeders
Designed to offer peanuts in the shell or out and are a great attraction for Blue jays, woodpeckers, and nuthatches.
Mixed seed/Sunflower feeders
Depending on the style, this line of feeders would be considered a universal choice in attracting all backyard birds in every season.  There are certain features that may include or discourage certain species.  We can help you in choosing the best style for you and your birds.
Window feeders
A great way to see birds up close and personal and a perfect deterrent for window collisions!  A wonderful choice for people of all ages to enjoy wild birds.
Squirrel-proof feeders
There are many feeders out there that claim to be squirrel-proof but these furry critters are smarter than that!  Our feeders are truly squirrel-proof and most importantly the birds love them.
Hummingbird feeders
One of summers greatest treasures, hummingbirds are a true delight to see.  Our feeders are bug-proof, leak-proof, and easy to clean.  Hummingbirds feeders are susceptible to mould and bacteria that can harm these wonderful birds.  We are dedicated to educating people about the importance of a well maintained feeder. Having the right one makes this an easy task and keeps hummingbirds happy and healthy.  Talk to us about proper food preparation as well.
Oriole Feeders
A colourful and beautiful singer, orioles are a magnificent bird to see!  They enjoy nectar, fruit, and jelly and we have all the right feeders to attract them to your backyard.  Don’t miss out on one of the most popular summer birds.
Finch Feeders
Finches are small colourful birds and there is a variety of species we see here throughout the year.  Having the right feeder will bring these sweet singers into your yard and will not disappoint!
Suet feeders
Suet is the ultimate attraction for woodpeckers and many other species.  Quality suet is important as many brands sold on the market are inferior and unsuccessful.  Our Canadian-made suet is filled with fresh ingredients from nuts and fruit to insects!  We sell suet for every season and there are many ways to offer it.  A Preferred Perch favourite product!
Squirrel feeders
For those who have a soft spot for these critters we have a selection of feeders and foods specifically for squirrels.  A great way to deter them from your birdfeeders and keep them entertained!
Seed Cake feeders
Seed cakes are compressed blocks of seeds, nuts, and even fruit that can be offered year-round.  There are many styles of these cakes and blocks with feeders that are perfectly designed for them.
Platform feeders
These open style feeders are a great way to see larger species like Blue jays and grosbeaks but all birds enjoy these feeders.  They are available to be hung, mounted or even free-standing.
Recycled feeders
Long-lasting durable feeders that are made from recycled milk jugs.  These high quality feeders are meant to last for many years and attract a wide variety of species.
Specialty Feeders
We carry a wide variety of unique feeders that attract many species of birds.  There is usually an interesting style of feeder for every category of food for those who like something a little different.
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We can help you decide which feeder would best suit you !

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