Trays Adding a tray to feeders can help keep the ground clean. More importantly, it allows large species like Blue jays and Mouring doves to use the feeder!

Aspects Seed Tray


  • This 8½" x 1" deep tray fits all Aspects' 2¾" diameter feeders
  • Attaches to feeder simply and quickly

Droll Yankees OMNI Seed Tray


  • Tray for all Droll Tube Feeders.
  • Attaches with threaded plug.
  • 10.5" diameter.
  • A necessary accessory for 1 in. pole mounted systems
  • The 13 in. UV stabilized polycarbonate tray can be used to create a platform feeding station or be used as a seed catcher when installed on a pole below an existing feeder
  • The Universal Seed Tray attaches to 1 in. poles by the included sturdy metal complete clamp
  • This product is compatible with Droll Yankees’ Poles and pole systems.
  • Large 13 in. platform – great for attracting ground feeding birds
  • Saves seed!
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate construction is highly durable and impact resistant
  • Essential accessory for Droll Yankees’ Poles and pole systems


Droll Yankees Universal Seed Tray

Aspects BIGFOOT Tray


  • This 12" x 1" deep tray attaches to all Aspects' tubular feeders.
  • Hardware included

Aspects Swirl Tray


  • Swirl tray eliminates waste by catching seed
  • 10" diameter Polycarbonate
  •  Metal Bushing
  • Decorative finial

Droll Yankees Seed Tray


  • Tray for all DY tubular feeders with threaded plug
  • Lifetime warranty

Seed Hoop


  • Seed Hoop catches seed the birds spill from your feeder
  • Seed Hoop attaches to your feeder with 6 sturdy cords
  • 8.5″ tray – holds 1 lb. seed
  • Platform attracts a wide variety, including ground feeders
  • Catches spilled seed when mounted below a feeder
  • Highly effective squirrel guard when placed 4′ or more from the ground and 8′ from trees or buildings
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate to protect against the sun’s damaging rays
  • Mounts on a 1″ diameter pole with the included Complete Clamp

Giant Seed Tray & Squirrel Guard

 t UC Universal Cover. Collet technology secures the 14¾" cover on a 1" o.d. pole for use over pole mounted trays to protect from weather and/or keep out large birds. Clear. t Large platform, great for ground feeding birds. Giant Seed Tray 1" hole. 18½" tray for pole mounting. (fits 1" o.d.) Supported by a Complete Clamp, included.

















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