Window Decals

Window Alert


  • Window Alert is a static-cling decal that may be applied to window glass
  • The decal contains a component which brilliantly reflects ultraviolet sunlight
  • This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but glows brilliantly for birds
  • 4 per package

UV Liquid Window Alert


  • UV Liquid is easy to apply
  • Simply use our bingo marker to make dots on window glass
  • The dots dry to clear, last three months, and are easy to remove
  • And, they save songbirds

Wilderness Fred's Bird Alert Decals


  • 3 Black birds on each page
  • Clings to glass
  • Helps protect birds from injury caused by flying into windows
  • Use one for every one square metre of window exposure
  • Static Cling
  • Made in Canada

Wilderness Fred's Bird Alert Decals


  • Each decal contains UV reflecting properties which can be seen by birds but not by people
  • Each decal looks like frosted glass on your window while serving as a safety deterrent to avoid window collisions
  • 3 birds per sheet
  • Static cling
  • Made in Canada

Some territorial birds vigorously defend their territory. These birds perceive their own reflection in a window to be another bird competing for their mate—and attack. Repeated attacks deplete a bird’s energy, putting its health and nesting brood at risk.

Stop Bird Attack eliminates the bird’s window reflection, calms the bird, and stops the attack. The product is a removable, white coating that may be sprayed on any window under attack. Stop Bird Attack is effective for American Robins, and other territorial birds. Once sprayed on window should last up to 3 months.

CONTENT: 9 ounce aerosol can

















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